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Dive Into the New Age of Information Security

About Us

Infosec Ventures incubates and scales cyber security innovators that solve for inefficiencies in cyber security, solve big problems and deliver exceptionally high return on investment for customers. IV is on a mission to make the world cyber safe, by protecting systems and the ‘human operating system’. Some notable current ventures include,,, among others.

Our Ventures


Email Authentication as a Service. Email is the most used digital asset for any organisation. Email has an inherent historic problem where any one can spoof send email as you. EmailAuth ensures NO ONE can send email as 'YOU' except 'YOU'. EmailAuth is a platform that lets companies manage outbound as well as inbound anti-phishing protection.


HumanFirewall® transforms employees from an organisation's weakest link into their strongest line of defence. It is a world first security awareness and training platform that also works when real attacks strike. It augments with technology what humans lack in attention. It gamifies the learning experience via phishing simulations, builds individual risk-profiles, rewards real-time reporting, remediates incidents instantly, orchestrates auto-blacklisting enterprise wide via easy to deploy one-click integration with O365, GSuite, Exchange and Lotus. Trusted by top corporations in 142 countries. 

Community Powered Enterprise Security is the goto strategy for all global giants. Whether Facebook or Google or even the Pentagon, when it comes to security, crowd sourcing is the ultimate solution. Bugsbounty is a SaaS based vulnerability co-ordination & Bug Bounty platform.

It provides a 3 tier architecture to suit the needs of an organisation serious about their security. Whether you prefer a public program with tens of 1000s of researchers testing your application for security flaws or you need a small group of 100-300 top class specialised researchers to test your product in private. has it all covered.

Dont trust the crowd? Worry not. We can simulate the crowd for you. Our Internal group of 32 top hackers with individual areas of extreme expertise can test your application in a Securathon, a war gaming like event in which, an internal team of master hackers (full time employees of compete against each other to find the most critical vulnerabilities in the shortest time. is on a mission to help organisations measure and manage cyber risk. It alerts the organisation of any risk - self as well as third-party risk in near real time. It enables cyber insurers to ascertain premiums, and mitigate liabilities.

We focus on ROI

We ensure you get the best ROI on your security investments with us. Afterall, this is one of the main pillars of our existence: Deliver the best value, or get out of the way.

Securathon is like 'Red Teaming' but on steroids! Black Box test, where you share nothing except your brand name and give permission to the Securathon team. See what hackers can do to hurt your organisation, where it hurts - your crown jewels.

No faff! No reams of useless vulnerabilities.

The Securathon Promise: No P0/P1 Vulnerability. No Payment. 

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